I am a 36 years old, married, father of 2 wonderful girls.  My wife and I met in jacksonville, nc where we served in the united states marine corps.  our connection was instant and we soon learned that a life apart from one another was not an option.

during my tour as a united states marine, i was trained to be in the data communications field.  I cut my teeth on dos, windows 3.1, and the banyan vines network operation system.  I held a secret security clearance due to sensitive material that passed along our siprnet (secured network) in the field. 

My first computer related job out of the Marine Corps was as a contractor for dataline inc. The job was a PC/Tech support role on Camp Lejeune at the naval hospital.  Windows 95, and token ring were the buzz words of the day.  The contract was for 6 months so I was already on the ball trying to find what I was going to do next.  Ultimately my goal was to get something back in florida, which is where my immediate family lives. 

I was able to secure a contract with teksystems for sprint in tarboro, nc.  Sprint was known for hiring former marines, since sprint was still using the banyan vines network.  fortunately i had already been through a network migration from banyan vines to windows nt while i was in the marines.  this made me more marketable to sprint since that was their ultimate network goal.  I spent a year in tarboro, nc with sprint when the chance to return to florida arose.  sprint wanted to hire me on as a permanent employee in their apopka, fl G.o.b. (general office building).  I would continue to work in the same organization and team as before, which made the transition that much easier.  all i had to do was pack up our stuff and drive south.

with four years between their births, my wife and i were blessed with two healthy, intelligent, and completely opposite little girls.  family life was forever changing, which was exactly what was going on with sprint at this time.  a spin off of the “local telephone division” was made and i was spun off with it.  i was now the subject matter expert for shared network printing on an active directory domain in this newly spun company, embarq.   

a short time passes and yet another reorganization and merger have come down the pipe.  embarq joins with centurytel, and  centurylink is born.  my roles remained the same, but the constant uncertainty future changes always stuck in my mind.  i continued to maintain and support the network printer sharing function from soup to nuts, and be a reliable backup to the network file sharing functions as well.  i was successful in building and nurturing relationships with my clients and vendors.

time passes and jasmos remains with centurylink.  who kept their name the same after merging with communications company called qwest.  though some of the internal management was changed around, i continued to support the network printing lane and the servers that those services lived on.  we were rolling out windows 2008r2 servers to support the newly deployed windows 7 (64bit) workstations. 

sadly, after nearly 15 honorable years working for the company with so many names, the powers that be were forced to eliminate several it positions following yet another corporate acquisition.  though breaking the news to me was done somewhat poorly, i took those “three minutes” to remember all of the things i had accomplished and learned along his way: The professional connections i had made, the great work that i HAD done, the amazing it teammates that i worked with, and the wife and family that stood by his side.


Thank you for taking the time to check out JASMOS.NET.  I hope to hear from you soon!